Monday, May 31, 2010

1 hour @ yayasan tuanku nur zahirah..

selama aku kerje, harini first time aku gi jumper client kat luar wif my boss n big boss. opis client kat jln telawi bangsar. .1 hour perjalanan frm rs to bangsar. superb jamm n hujan lg. akcelly our client is Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah..dlm ht semangat nk gi sn ..yelah n tgk sndiri our quenn nyer showroom. this yayasan emphasize songket kita. they also help single mother sell their products. more details pls go to >>>>
masuk jer showroom to cantik all the songket. but so unlucky aku x amik pict pun the showroom. just amik pict songket sn sbnrnyer nk tgk songket2 yg diorg ader n to cari idea for this project. they request to do a wood box with songket & pewter 1 malaysia kan.? this box will gift to vip and vvip for hari raya...uii cam x sbr nk start design nih...for our PERMAISURI....bleh add in my cv nih.hik hik..will update once project dh siap.